Cancelled - Challenges of Constitution-Making in Sudan

12 nov 2021 14:00 12 nov 2021 15:30 ENG


This event is cancelled


The search for a permanent constitution has haunted Sudan throughout its post-independence in 1956. For the third time in its history, a military dictator has been ousted by the people. Sudan now has the opportunity to set the terms for a transition to constitutional democracy. What challenges does the transitional government face in its search for a permanent constitution? What are the prospects of a participatory and inclusive process? And what can Sudan learn from theories of constitution-making and experiences from other countries around the globe?



Samia al-Nagar, independent researcher

Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker, associate professor of Law and Dean at the Faculty of Law, University of Khartoum

Ilker Gökhan Sen, visiting researcher at CMI and Centre on Law & Social Transformation, PhD in Law, University of Zürich 

The panel will be chaired by Liv Tønnessen, senior researcher at CMI



Photo credit: CC BY 2.0 Hind Mekki