Celebrating UN Day 2020

26 okt 2020 16:00 18:00 ENG

Sustainable development and 75 years of the United Nations.

Join us on 26 October for an event focused on the importance of multi-disciplinary work for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The event will take place at Auditorium 2 at the Faculty of Law and will be streamed here. 


As part of the event we will showcase the multidisciplinary work conducted by researchers who have been awarded PhD scholarships funded by UiB's Global Challenges initiative in 2018 and 2019.

We will also hear from leaders of the projects awarded funding for 2020 under the strategic area of Global Challenges at UiB. They will have an opportunity to discuss their projects, and how they contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals challenges.



By Bente E. Moen (Professor/Director for Global Challenges, UiB)

The United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals
By Kai Grieg (Advisor, United Nations Association of Norway (FN-sambandet) and Hibaq Mohamed (Student at the Faculty of Law)

PhD candidates who are focused on global challenges
Bente E. Moen

Accounting for maternal deaths in the era of SDGs: Juridification, social practices and implications on maternal death audits in Ethiopia
By PhD candidate Mulu Kidanemariam (Faculty of Law)

Securing the future: Resilient cities in the context of migration 
By PhD candidate Per Anders Rubin (Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK), Faculty of Humanities)

Nutrition policy and food systems recommendations anchored in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) frameworks: Is that a possibility?
By PhD candidate Theogene Habumugisha (Faculty of Medicine)

Small fish for small children: Dietary intake of small fish to reduce child malnutrition in Uganda
By Ragnhild Overå (Professor at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences)

Comment on the role of research at UiB towards SDGs
By Bjørn Enge Bertelsen (Professor at Faculty of Social Sciences)