Crimmigration: Criminal Justice and Border Control

15 jan 2019 12:30 13:30 ENG

Synnøve Jahnsen (Rokkansenteret) on Crimmigration: Criminal Justice and Border Control

'Crimmigration' has become a critical "catch all" concept for legal scholars, criminologists, and sociologists alike. The concept describes the way two previously separate state control spheres - border control and crime control - influence each other and are part of the same control mechanism experiences and developments. 

This concept, for example, helps understand Trump's effort to legitimize the tightening of immigration policy. It refers to both the protection of American economy and jobs and the explicit intent to protect American citizens from terrorists, rapists, and gang members.

For this IMER lunch seminar, Synnøve Jahnsen from Rokkansenteret  will talk about the usefulness of crimmigration as a concept in other settings. She will draw on empirical examples from her research on prostitution and human trafficking, Norwegian labour market crime policies, and the policing of outlaw motorcycle clubs and youth gangs in Australia and Europe. She will also use the opportunity to promote her new co-edited book "Criminal Justice in the Era of Mass Mobility" and highlight some of the methodological challenges faced by researchers in her field. 

A light lunch will be served. All welcome!

The event is public, and open to everyone!


Photo credit: Mitch Lensik (Unsplash)