Fight Rages Over Land Reform in South Africa: What will happen?

24 mai 2018 08:30 09:30 ENG

Elling N. Tjønneland (CMI) and Aron Spitzer (UiB) in conversation with Bheki Dlamini (Lawtransform)

Property rights are in danger in South Africa. The South African Parliament wants to fast track economic transformation and reverse the apartheid legacy by expropriation land without compensation. Can they do that? Is South Africa taking the Zimbabwe-rout or will this trigger economic development? Will this bring an end to Mandela’s rainbow nation? 

In this Breakfast Forum, South Africa expert and CMI senior researcher Elling N. Tjønneland and PhD candidate Aron Spitzer, UiB, will help us understand the whys and potential consequences of the dramatic events in South Africa. Bheki Dlamini will moderate the conversation. 

Come join us for an hour with coffee, croissant and a conversation that will make you understand a little bit more.

The seminar is organized under the Breakfasts for Democracy (#bffDemocracy) which explores events in light of our current knowledge of the politics of processes of democratization and autocratization. Through conversations with scholars engaged in ongoing research on the topic, the seminar series provides new and research-based insights on current events in the ongoing struggle for democracy and human rights. "Breakfasts for Democracy» is organized through the joint CMI/UiB research project 'Breaking BAD: Understanding the Backlash Against Democracy in Africa’, in collaboration with Bergen Resource Center and Center for Law and Social Transformation.