Journeys – Migration Week

26 okt 2016 13:00 15:00 ENG

Luigi Achilli (European University Institute), Daniela Debono (Malmö University) and Sine Plambech (DIIS).

Smuggling and trafficking facilitate new journeys towards Europe but often at high costs and great risk to refugees, migrants and trafficked persons alike. This panel examines the routes, journeys and trajectories of modern migration and the human cost of transition.

Our guests on this day are Luigi Achilli (European University Institute), Daniela Debono (Malmö University) and Sine Plambech (DIIS). 

Luigi Achilli (European University Institute) -- The Nexus: Human Smuggling and Border Control at the time of the Syrian conflict

Daniela Debono (Marie Curie COFAS Fellow, Malmö University and the EUI) -- A cumulative trumping of human rights: The EU’s ‘first reception’ system for irregularly-arriving maritime migrants

Sine Plambech (DIIS) -- Between “Victims” and “Criminals”: Rescue, Deportation, and Everyday Violence Among Nigerian Migrants


Migration Week 2016

The world is in a migrant crisis. Millions of people are displaced. People are fleeing war, poverty and oppression in the largest movement of peoples since WWII. The policing of the EUs outer boundary has broken down. Treaties regulating movement, work and asylum have crumbled.
In response, Europe erects new fences and introduces stricter immigration policies. What is at stake and how can it be solved?
Academics, journalists and filmmakers will meet and discuss migration challenges in panels and roundtables in the Migration week in Bergen October 24-28. See full program here. 
All events are free, open to the public and represent some of the most exciting scholarship on migration aimed at the general audience.