Judging democratic backlash

22 aug 2018 12:30 13:30 ENG

Many countries are currently experiencing a narrowing of democratic space.

This frequently affects the court, both directly and indirectly. It often affects who are appointed (and not appointed) to the bench as well as the terms of their operation. Courts in some cases continue to serve a pro-democratic role, upholding rights and sanctioning violations – but they are also used by governments as part of their strategies to silence the opposition and ensure electoral victories.

This roundtable forms part of a LawTransform project on Breaking BAD: Backlash against democracy in Africa and discusses the experiences of African courts in comparative perspective.

With (tbc*) Justice Lydia Mugambe, Daniel Brinks, Roberto Gargarella, Edge Kanyongolo, Fiona Shen-bayh, Svein Erik Helle*, and Pilar Domingo.

This event is part of the Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation. This event is free and open to all. For more information: https://www.lawtransform.no/?post_type=event&p=7541&preview=true