Lessons from the struggle of Martin Luther King

2 mai 2019 08:30 09:30 ENG

Michael K. Honey (University of Washington) on the legacy of MLK and the fight for human equality today.

What would it mean to truly fulfil King's unfinished agenda for labour and human rights? Through images, words, and live music, the award-winning Martin Luther King scholar and labour historian, Michael K. Honey, will focus on King as a prophet for the poor and the working-class whose agenda of love in action calls out for fulfilment in our own times.

Michael K. Honey is the Fred and Dorothy Haley Professor of Humanities University of Washington Tacoma. He is an award-winning Martin Luther King scholar and labour historian and the author of several books on Martin Luther King and on issues related to social justice and labour.

His most recent book is To the Promised Land. Martin Luther King and the Fight for Economic Justice (2018) was hailed by The New York Review of Books as a “thorough treatment of King’s efforts to support black unionism and to forge an alliance between the black and the white working classes”.