Lives & Law in Flux: migrant mobilization & refugee rights

25 aug 2016 09:00 21:00 ENG

Joins us for a day on Migration and Refugee Rights here at Bergen Resource Centre. The program is part of The 2016 Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation

9:00 Irregular Migrants and Mobilization for Rights in European Countries

10:30 Susan Banki: A Theory of Refugee Homeland Activism: Precarity, Social Movements and Resource Deprivation

12:00 Mobilizing in Exile: Syrian Refugee and Diaspora Mobilization

14:30 Precarious rights of LGBT refugees


Roundtable at UiB Law School Aud.4 with reception at BRC/CMI:

19:00 Quo Vadis Refugee Convention?


See full program for 2016 Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation here