Maternal Mortality and Young Women’s Right to Life and Health

15 des 2016 14:00 15 des 2016 15:30 ENG

Centre of Law & Social Transformation Seminar: Henriette Sinding Aasen (UiB), Ingvild Sandøy (UiB) and Patrick Lombule (Center on Law and Social Transformation).

Maternal mortality is a serious threat to women´s right to life and health in many developing countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. A high maternal mortality rate is recognized as an indication of shortcomings in the health system, gender inequalities, conflict and poverty, which affect women´s access to adequate sexual and reproductive health services in a negative way.

This seminar will focus on maternal mortality in South Africa, especially among girls and young women. South Africa is characterized by extreme socio-economic divisions and is the country in Africa with the highest rate of HIV/AIDS-related maternal deaths.

The seminar will start with a lecture by Henriette Sinding Aasen (Professor at the Faculty of Law, UiB), followed by a conversation with Ingvild Sandøy (Associate Professor at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, UiB; and researcher at CISMAC and Centre for International Health) and Patrick Lombule (Center on Law and Social Transformation).

This event is organized by Centre of Law & Social Transformation.  


Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Flickr