Migratory Horizons: Expectations of Migration in Senegal

12 mar 2019 12:30 13:30 ENG

Conversation with Knut Graw (Kathlieke Universiteit Leuven).

The question of migration is a multifaceted one. It impacts upon individual and social life long before a person’s departure or the crossing of borders. Tuning in with pre- and post-departure perspectives from the African-European border zone, this seminar will argue that migration cannot be understood if addressed as a series of events or movements in the here and now. On the contrary, it must be seen in relation to the experiences and ideas that predate and at the same time reach beyond the temporal settings in which they unfold. 

For this IMER seminar, Knut Graw from the Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa at the Kathlieke Universiteit Leuven will elaborate on this argument in relation to Senegal as a case study.

A light lunch will be served. All welcome!

The event is public and open to everyone!