Motley`s Law: A New Age of Legal Representation

31 mai 2018 17:00 31 mai 2018 18:30 ENG
Kimberley Motley

A lecture by Kimberley Motley

Mino.Jur Bergen in collaboration with Bergen Resource Centre and Centre on Law and Social Transformation have the pleasure to welcome you to an evening with the international litigator and activist Kimberley Motley!

Kimberley Motley is an American international attorney and is mostly known for being the first woman and foreigner to practice law in Afghanistan. She is known for her no-nonsense, unapologetic approach to litigation. In 2009 she represented a myriad of afghan clients in Afghan courts, primarily women. Kimberley Motley will highlight how she used the law to secure afghan women and children`s rights in a chaotic legal administration system, through her experience as an international attorney and human rights activist. After the seminar, the floor will be opened for questions. 

If you have not yet watched «Motley's Law», Mino.Jur invite you to watch it with Mino Jur on Tuesday, May 29th at Det Akademiske Kvarter (Speilsalen) at 18.00 (doors open at 17.30/5.30 PM!)

The event will be free and light refreshments will be served.