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Now what, Colombia? Presidential elections 2022

6 apr 2022 08:30 09:30 ENG

Catalina Vallejo Piedrahíta (UiB), Jessica Buendia (Colombia på norsk), Leiv Marsteintredet (UiB) and Håkon Tveit (UiB)

Note: Venue is the Arts and Humanities library (HF-biblioteket)You can also follow the event on Zoom. Breakfast will be served at the library.

For the first time, a leftwing candidate is ahead in a presidential race in Colombia. Will we see a political shift in Colombia?

After the 2016 peace agreements with the FARC guerilla, expectations about Colombia’s transformation were high. However, recent years have seen an increase in violence and social unrest. 2021 was marked by protests against social inequality. This year, environmental issues, ethnic and farmers’ rights, grassroots resistance to mining, as well as the socio-economic impact of the Covid pandemic continues to cause turmoil. Polarisation over LGBTQI and abortion rights also fuel tensions ahead of the election.

Former guerrilla Gustavo Petro of the Colombia Humana political party leads the leftist Pacto Historico coalition together with environmentalist Francia Márquez, the first ever black woman to run for vice president in Colombia. The center coalition is led by math professor and former mayor of Medellin Sergio Fajardo, who also chose a Black candidate for the vice-presidency: Luis Gilberto Murillo, former Minister of Environment. Both campaigns focus on working for equality rights and state transparency. The right is represented by Federico Gutierrez, former mayor of Medellin and heir of current President Alvaro Uribe’s supporters, with an agenda based on security.

Will the so-called pink tide in Latin America now reach the traditionally conservative country? Is Colombia’s democracy ready to uncouple violence and politics? Will the right wing continue in power? How is this election relevant in the Latin American context?

We will give you an overview of the candidates and the issues at stake, both for Colombia and the region.


Panel (onsite):

Catalina Vallejo Piedrahíta (UiB)

Jessica Buendia (Colombia på norsk)

Leiv Marsteintredet (UiB)

Håkon Tveit (UiB)