Literary Salon

Political Corruption in Africa. Extraction and Power Preservation

5 des 2019 13:00 5 des 2019 14:30 ENG

Inge Amundsen (CMI), Moses Khisa (North Carolina State University), Aslak Orre (CMI), Sophie Lemaître (U4).

Book editor and two chapter authors in conversation on the different practices of extractive and power-preserving corruption in Africa, with examples from Nigeria, Uganda, and Mozambique.

Political corruption is different from administrative or bureaucratic corruption. A corrupt president, government minister or ruling party is a different sort of problem than is, for example, a teacher or nurse taking bribes to offer services. The problem with political corruption is that it serves as a function beyond greed and personal enrichment – it may keep the regime together and afloat. Political corruption not only gives the incentives for controlling the state, it is a means to maintain control of the state.

In the book ‘Political corruption in Africa: Extraction and power preservation’ a stellar team of international researchers have come together to discuss and examine political corruption in different African countries, the power abuse that has followed and the implications for the state and its citizens. For this book launch, several of the authors are joined by anti-corruption experts and will talk about both country specific cases and political corruption in general.

Inge Amundsen, editor and chapter co-author on Nigeria; Moses Khisa, chapter author on Uganda and co-author on Ghana; Aslak Orre, co-author on Mozambique.

Convener and discussant: Sophie Lemaître, Senior Advisor, U4

All are welcome!