Queerness in Qatar: A conversation on activism and homonationalism

3 nov 2022 19:00 20:00 ENG

Dr. Nasser Mohammed (Osra Medical), Mari Norbakk (CMI) and Matthew Gichohi (CMI)

Note: The event will take place at Litteraturhuset i Bergen. It will also be streamed on Youtube.

The situation for LGBTQIA+ persons has become central to human rights discussions about Qatar.

Many Western organisations have called for Qatar to suspend its laws on homosexual practices during the World Cup to protect foreign football supporters. Scholars and activists argue that this ignores the queer communities in Qatar and promote homonationalism.

In this event, the panel will discuss the challenges of the LGBTQIA+ population in Qatar. What is it like to be an activist in this environment? What is homonationalism, and how does it play out in the context of the World Cup?



Dr. Nasser Mohammed, activist and primary care physician at Osra Medical

Mari Norbakk, social anthropologist at CMI 

Matthew Gichohi, political scientist at CMI


Photo: Autau/shutterstock.com