SDG #3: Global Health Priorities Explained

6 feb 2019 08:30 09:30 ENG

Ole Frithjof Norheim (UiB), Ingrid Miljeteig (UiB) and Kjell Arne Johansson (UiB) in conversation with Linn Knudsen (UiB).

Two women in rural Ethiopia are diagnosed with cancer. One is a 35-year-old woman and mother of three. She has breast cancer. The other, is a young girl without her own family yet. She has leukemia. They face the same challenge: They are poor and cannot afford the treatment that can save their lives. Who do you choose to save?

Can science come up with answers on who should have the highest priority? Is it possible to design fair solutions in low-income countries, where budgets are scarce? 

With hands-on experience from Ethiopia and Zanzibar, Miljeteig, Johansson and Norheim will discuss priorities and ethical dilemmas in the doctor and patient meeting and in the financing and design of healthcare policies in low income countries.

This conversation forms part of the Day Zero on 6 February of the annual National SDG Conference Bergen 7-8 February 2019. Day Zero includes workshops and side events on selected topics related to the main conference.


This event is part of our ongoing Explained Series, where we invite experts to explain complex themes.


About the speakers 

Ingrid Miljeteig

Kjell Arne Johansson

Ole Frithjof Norheim


Photo credit: Ole Frithjof Norheim