The rhetoric of sustainability

1 nov 2019 08:30 1 nov 2019 10:00 ENG

Silvio Funtowicz (UiB) on how science can solve the sustainability crisis.

NOTE: This lecture will take place at Café Christie (University Aula)

Chair: Thor Olav Iversen

When discussing sustainability, terms such as science advice and the science-policy interface have become all the rage. What is this all about? In this talk, professor Silvio Funtowicz takes a critical look at the sustainability concept, sharing his experiences on how researchers can provide advice to policy-makers in the context of scientific uncertainty and value conflicts.

silvio_funtowicz_Eivind Senneset.jpg

Silvio Funtowicz is Professor II at the Centre for Study of the Sciences and the Humanities at the University of Bergen. He is a philosopher and a mathematician, with a particular interest in the sciences and technology. He is among other things known as a creator of the term and research field of post-normal science.

This is a lecture in a series of meetings with relevance to UiB’s engagement with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is a collaboration between Forum for Science and Democracy, SDG Bergen and Bergen Global.

Photos: Top by Grant Ellis/World Bank, portrait of Funtowicz by Eivind Senneset.