Breakfast Forum

The voice of the African youth bulge: A democratic correction to authoritarian politics?

1 jun 2018 08:30 09:30 ENG

Introduction by Josephine Appiah-Nyamekye (Afrobarometer) and a conversation between Jana Belschner (UiB), Justin Pearce (Cambridge University) and Eyob Balcha (LSE), moderated by Lovise Aalen (CMI).


A youth bulge currently characterises the African population, and the proportion of youth is on the rise. Africa has also had a great share of old regimes and aging politicians, some of which have been in power since the days of de-colonisation. Youth have been leading the way in many recent protest movements in Africa. Are we now seeing the political consequences of the paradox of young populations and old politicians?

Scholars interested in the political, economic and societal consequences of the youth bulge are in Bergen to address the policies and strategies for accommodating the youth, and how different regimes and youth groups respond to this. This breakfast forum conversation focusses on youth protests.


Come join us for an hour with coffee, croissant and a conversation that will make you understand a little bit more.

Photo: Pawel Janiak, Unsplash