Water, Inequality and Rights

18 aug 2020 16:30 17:30 ENG

Malcolm Langford (UiO), Bruce Wilson (University of Central Florida), Daniel M. Brinks (UT Austin), Camila Gianella (CMI), Rebecca Shiel (UCF), Arkaja Singh (Centre for Policy Research, Delhi), and Inga Winkler (Columbia University). 


In 2010 the United Nations declared the right to water and sanitation as a Human Right. This was part of an effort to secure everyone access to sufficient water for basic consumption in a situation where water is increasingly scarce and commercialized and poor people need losing out in the competition. To what extent this had effects on the ground. A LawTransform project on Elevating water rights to human rights: has it strengthened poor people’s claim for water has researched this and will present some findings.


Roundtable chaired by Malcolm Langford (UiO) and Bruce Wilson (University of Central Florida) with Daniel M. Brinks (UT Austin), Camila Gianella (CMI), Rebecca Shiel (UCF), Arkaja Singh (Centre for Policy Research, Delhi) and Inga Winkler (Columbia University)


Photo: Jong Marshes on Unsplash