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Will India re-elect its “strongman”?

5 apr 2019 08:30 09:30 ENG

Anwesha Dutta (CMI) and Hugo Stokke (CMI) in conversation with Aslaug Aarsæther (UiB) on what’s at stake in the world’s largest election. 

For the majority of Indians, concerns about employment, national security and the fragile relations with Pakistan will determine their vote in the coming elections. Anwesha Dutta, post doc researcher at CMI, feels that their concerns should lie elsewhere: With Prime Minister Narendra Modi running India as a one-man show.

Detested by some, admired by others, Indian prime minister Narenda Modi has made unilateral decisions on a scale seldom seen in the Indian context. Frequently referred to and compared with other strongmen such as Trump, Putin and Erdogan, Modi has become the symbol of the rise of authoritarian politics in India. Pretty soon, the worlds’ largest democracy will get to air how they really feel about Modi’s one man-show.


Anwehsa Dutta is a Post Doctoral Researcher at CMI

Hugo Stokke is a senior researcher at CMI

Aslaug Aarsæther is Higher Executive Officer at Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP)


This event is organized in collaboration with the Rafto Foundation.


Welcome for an interesting conversation, coffee and croissants.