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Working Rightly: Syrian Refugees in Jordan

24 jan 2023 08:30 09:30 ENG

Sarah A. Tobin (CMI)

Note: The event will take place in Jekteviksbakken 31. It is also possible to join through Zoom. Breakfast will be served.

In 2016, the Jordan compact was signed, where Jordan committed to improving access to education and legal employment for Syrian refugees in return for funds and benefits from the European Union. This has led to the dramatic increase of Syrian refugees working in new sectors like skilled forestry and fishery works, and plant and machine services.

Against this backdrop, new questions about refugee lives and livelihoods have emerged around the objectification, codification, and incorporation of the idea of “work”.

In this seminar, Sarah Tobin examines the cultural and gendered aspects of the evolving work permit issuances for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Tobin also critically explores the ethical issues embedded in security, governance, and economic development policies that can be argued as pathways to achieve dignified and regularised labour conditions for refugees.

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About the speaker:

Sarah A. Tobin is a Research Director at Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI). She is an anthropologist focusing on Islam, economic anthropology, and displacement/migration in the Middle East. Dr. Tobin has published extensively on the Jordan and has led numerous projects on Syrian refugees. Her latest project, The Invisible Ceiling, examines the financial experiences of Muslim immigrant entrepreneurs to Norway. 

This event is organised in collaboration with IMER Bergen.


Photo: ILO Jordan