World Water Day: Stories of Local Water Governance

22 mar 2022 14:30 22 mar 2022 16:00 ENG

Andrea Restrepo-Mieth (University of Pennsylvania), Arkaja Singh (Centre for Policy Research, Delhi/LawTransform), Bruce M. Wilson (University of Central Florida/CMI/LawTransform), Inga Winkler (Central European University in Vienna/LawTransform), Charles Epp (University of Kansas) and Angela M Páez (Tennessee State University/LawTransform). 

Note: Venue is the Arts and Humanities library (HF-biblioteket). You can also follow the event on Zoom.

On World Water Day 2022 we want to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts by local communities towards protecting their right to drinking water. Experiences in different parts of the globe highlight the multiple challenges that communities face to access drinking water, and the enormous potential that lies in their efforts to protect it. This panel focuses on these efforts, challenges, and new possibilities bringing water activists and academics to conversation.

Guest speakers in their role of local water activists (digital):

Nika Kovač (Institute of 8th March), leader of the campaign against the Water Act in Slovenia, and Maya Pinzón, water activist in Colombia.

Panel (hybrid):

Andrea Restrepo-Mieth (University of Pennsylvania)

Arkaja Singh (Centre for Policy Research, Delhi/LawTransform) 

Bruce M. Wilson (University of Central Florida/CMI/LawTransform) 

Inga Winkler (Central European University in Vienna/LawTransform)

in conversation with Charles Epp (University of Kansas)

Chair: Angela M Páez (Tennessee State University/LawTransform)